JIA-UIA Exhibition

'Tokyo House in Nairobi' 
is one of our concepts we are trying to do in Rainbow Project. 
'Tokyo House' is a place where Kenya and Japan will find 
potentialities of each other. 
For example, it is a model house where you can have real experience about Japanese high technologies of solar energy in 
Japanese-style space organizations featuring natural lighting and ventilation ---- that is 'Tokyo House'. 
By opening such model houses in Nairobi, Rainbow Project is aiming to produce various communications in technologies and in human network between Kenya and Japan.

「ナイロビの東京ハウス」というコンセプトも、『虹プロジェクト』の一端です。「東京ハウス」は、ケニアと日本が互いの可能性に出会う場です。例えば、自然の通風、 採光を活かした日本的な空間構成の中で、ソーラー発電の日本の先端技術を体感できるモデルハウス。それが「東京ハウス」です。こうしたモデルハウスをナイロ ビに開設することを通じて、ケニアと日本の間に、様々な技術や人々の交わりを生み出すことを、『虹プロジェクト』は目指します。
The World Congress on Housing is a workshop and exhibition that will be held for people to hear about a variety of homes in Japan and around the world — that house you liked in the town or the wonderful home you saw on your journeys. It will be an opportunity for people to look again at their own houses.


Living Design Center OZONE 
About 12 minutes’ walk from South Exit of JR
Shinjuku Station; free bus service approximately
every 10 minutes departing in front of 
Nishiguchi L Tower


OSA Japan is a unit that consisting of two architects from two different countries, Kenya and Japan. 
OSA started a project to produce more fruitful and various communications by various people between Kenya and Japan. The project is called 
Rainbow Project because, like a rainbow, there is a colorful bridge between the two countries. 

本の「間」に、彩り豊かな虹を架けることに似ています。そこで、私たちは、この プロジェクトを『虹プロジェクト』と名づけました。 



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