Have your dream house translated into architectural Blueprints in a matter of weeks!

As a Diaspora (foreigner) living in Japan, US, France, England, Australia or ANYWHERE on the planet, can still attain your dream house design PLUS the architectural Blueprints. 

Final Touches being done

Front Elevation 

Real Estate development project
Recently completed design for a Client from Kenya living in Tokyo, Japan

What are the benefits?
  1. You can have your dream design documented while away from home (Africa)
  2. Time saving as the architect is reachable. you don't have to be in Africa to look for an architect
  3. Have design at reasonable design cost and payment at conducive schedule 
  4. High quality; your diaspora exposed taste and design needs shall be documented into architectural  specifications.
What is the Design schedule?
Schedule is principally divided into 2 phase: PROGRAMMING & SCHEMATIC  DESIGN  and DESIGN DEVELOPMENT.
 See the flow below.

How much Will it Cost me?
Professional Architectural Design Fee computation: 

6.5% + VAT 

What is in the DESIGN PACKAGE?
The client will receive Design Package which includes:
  1. Detailed Floor Plans: Dimensions, floor finishes of house
  2. Roof Plans: Roof shape, finish material, slope and drainage routes
  3. Elevation Plansshape, dimensions, exterior finishes
  4. Section Plans: Foundations design and engineering specifications 
  5. Specifications: General Notes and Technical instructions to Local architect and Engineer
  6. Site landscape Map (if Client provides plot details):landscape design guide
Submitted both hard and soft copies: PDF and A3 paper size print out. 

See sample of Design Package below:

Detailed Floor, Elevation, Section Plans; Technical instructions and general notes

Computer generated 3D graphics

What do I do after receiving the DESIGN PACKAGE?

The next step will be Step 2 (Design II); Getting approval from the authority and getting the construction cost of your house, a prerequisite before ground breaking. These services shall be done by a registered local architect who will make the finer tunings to make sure documents abide with the local Building codes.


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Suite B14, Mombasa Rd, 
T +254 712 584 769
Cipres Minami Aoyama B1F, 3-4-10 Minamiaoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

T/F +81 3 6317 9945      

Please direct P.R. inquiries to:


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